We are committed to making your brand into a super – sonic force online and the good news is…

Do you have something to say?

...It's better heard online. What we do is simple. We use all our awesomeness to create a digital version for your business and this is how.


Look good anywhere. Your website should let your clients meet and love you before a physical encounter… kind of how you are feeling about us right now.

Digital Marketing

There are people on  the internet already looking for you. THAT’S TRUE! So what we do is put you and your brand right in their faces…without being annoying.


Pictures say a thousand words. Let our graphic team help you scream your lungs out. We are equipped with skills to make your logo, banners and ads impossible to resist.

You've never had it easier

We’ve simplified the process. Sit in your comfort zone and let us take care of the ‘techie’ details.

Our Specialities...

  • Insane creativity
  • Gold-class Designs
  • Speedy Delivery
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • 24/7 Support

What our clients say

We've done work for a huge number of individuals and organizations and here is what they have to say.

I hire MDMA for all my online needs. They set up my logo, letter heads, website, and all social media platforms and campaigns. They are truly amazing.
Chukwuma Okonta
CEO - 7.5 Energy
What I like most about MDMA is their outside-the-box mind-set. I look forward to our brainstorming sessions as I know greatness is re-invented everytime.
Ebitan Egbuson
When it comes to online branding, no one does it better for me. There is an air of professionalism with MDMA and I know they will deliver...they always do.
Mary Brownson-asuquo
CEO - Paddle Cakes and Bakeries

“A world of digital perfection awaits you”

We also brand businesses you know

Many times, we get clients who want to go nuclear online but have no graphic options. In those cases, things like logos and flyers are on us. We do have a graphics department after all.

Make the most of your digital version.

The internet is saturated with opportunities for you and your brand. let us help you maximize those potentials.

They help us do what we do

For us to exist and thrive, we have to leverage on each others strengths. These companies, due to the services they render have become a huge part of what we do at MDMA. We are entirely grateful.

We are social like that

You know you should reach us physically or online for all your digital marketing needs. We are available to work you through all you need to be successful online. If you want to hang out or see a movie, you can call us for that too.


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