We thought we'd try something

In 2016, a couple of us decided to start up a company in Nigeria and this company was set out to do one thing… MOVE BUSINESSES AND BRANDS ONLINE!

We thought it was a great idea and we said we were going to move as many as we could. We did this because we got to see that the world is online now and it will become more intense in the future when over 80% of business will be conducted online…even in Nigeria.

So what is MDMA?

Creating a digital community is a big deal and after a lot of thought, we decided to break it down into three parts. These parts were going to be our holy trinity and with this concept, we found that we had every bit of the puzzle solved. We were able to accomplish our goal of having everything that a business or brand needed to be successful online.

So what were these three parts? We’ll give you a clue.